Impact of Virtual Reality (VR) Experience on Adults

We continue to developing our ideas! As promised, we conducted a survey on the impact of the VR experience on older adults’ social and emotional well-being. We’d like to thank the management team, the residents and staff of “Zora” Old People’s Home in Vratsa for participation and support!

By introducing a group of four adults aged above 70 years to our VR product “Destination Vratsa – greatness and beauty in 360”, they were really astounded, felt immersed in this new technological environment and less socially restricted.

Thus, we proved the results of the study conducted by American proffesors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, on the impact of the VR on adults in assisting living communities. The VR intervention had overall positive effects on participants’ social and emotional well-being, physical conditions, and attitudes toward the system. It also improves the quality of life among the aging population and make them more socially engaged.

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